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drops needed please


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Hi there, I have been a bit slck with my station, and found myself with new shows and no liners & drops :~

Any chance someone could make the following for me please, any accent, m or f, produced or dry:


"its listeners top ten time with dj emms"

"punk and disorderly with the wolfman"

"Unsigned!" (maybe with some echo)

"Its Matwick & his reggae librarians"

"Bustin Justin's just and jive"


A big ask, I know, but i'm rubbish!

Many thanks, will use all made.


cheeers Del

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Please ... Get a little bit logical in the way You are doing this

You reply on a post made at "October 2011" !!

Here are three guys that do great drops, just explain exactly what you need and they can produce it. All 100% rated by prior clients, and it's only $5: http://bit.ly/11BCQwN http://bit.ly/11UZwOR http://bit.ly/11pavhF

Silly behaviour !!!

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