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The Cornucopia Halloween Special - Available For Broadcast and Download


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‘Cornucopia Radio’ has been making special harrowing-halloween radio shows for the past three years. With each show featuring a lively collection of short stories, monologues, comedy and soundscapes.


So right here, at this very moment; we've collected some of the best stuff we’ve put on tape over the past few years and made it available as '2 hour' package availble to broadcast on your station.


Featuring the voices of; Jonathan Syer, Rob Atkinson, Wendy Davies, Renate Reynolds, Sangita Busadev, Chris Drury, Phil Mason, Andrew Martin & Andy Finnerty, Graham Rodgers, Carol Mac, Dina Lees, Andrew Costa, Nikki Shanahan


You can download the show here: The Cornucopia Halloween Horror

You can also send us a email to studio@cornucopia-radio.co.uk and we'll tell everybody about your station over the Hallween weekend.


Please Note: This radio show contains violent and horrific content and might not be suitable for some stations.

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