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Radio Systems Millennium mixer and On-Air Lights


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I was wondering if anybody had experience hooking up a Millennium board to an automatic on-air indication system. I've been given an engineering position in my college radiostation, and have been really interested in learning a lot, considering my background in theatre. one of the things i've been tasked with was hooking up our Millennium broadcast board up to the Sine Systems MCB-1 message board system, and I've seen it work before i began engineering the station. 

Basically, what i need is to know how to have it send a closed switch signal to the message board when the first microphone channel is turned on, without wiring up a hack to the LEDs on the on button (which was suggested to me, and i'm not fond of the idea of). I've dug through the manual and have only wound up more lost and confused with this, so any help including where in the manual to look would be very grateful.

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You don't need to do the hack; Millennium boards have a feature that will give you 15 volts to control an external relay, which can operate an "on air" light.


http://www.radiosystems.com/Manuals/Millenium PN 14800A Output Board.pdf


Look at Page 30 of the above. You connect a relay between pins 1 and 5 or 6 on J7 of the output and metering board; the relay will close when the mic is opened, and open when the mic is closed. You have to make sure that the channels for your mics (and ONLY for your mics) are jumpered (on the six-channel control board) to activate the proper muting bus.


Full manual HERE : see page 16 http://www.radiosystems.com/Manuals/Analog Manual w-o schematics.pdf




P.S. If it used to work and now doesn't, check the J7 connector. Ours got knocked out of position, breaking the connection, and it took me a week to find the problem.

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