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Hello all again, we are currently looking for a radio sponsor to help and promote are radio even more, yes we do ask for some money from the sponsor but not much as we coupe really well we just ask that the sponsor sends us some money every so often to help with bills and so on! And we will air counties adverts for them true out the day and week in return!Little bit about us:We have bien running from July 2011 and we are getting noticed by new listeners and fans each day, We have a good listener peak and respond witch we are happy withWe are bringing in some big named presenters witch wll increase are listener responseThe big name presenters are as follows DJ/Producer Matt Darey Pat SharpDonny OsmondMick BrownWe are waiting on more big names for are radio to be confirmed, as we are non profit we get donations from listeners and all the money gose back in to the radio and the sponsor will be helping us make are radio bigger and better if you could please email us if you are intrested are need more info email us: Info@Energy106.info


Energy 106 | The Beat Of Belfast

Broadcasting from Northern Ireland to the universe and beyond.


w: www.energy106belfast.com

e: info@energy106belfast.com

find us on Facebook

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If I were looking to be a sponsor then I would avoid your station.


1. Various spelling and Grammar errors in your post. Lacks professionalism.


2. No links to your website.


3. The wording in your post sounds rushed as though you didn't think about what you wanted to express.

BroadStar Radio


Twitter Us Facebook


We are now listed on the tunein app.


Also on Gtalk

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