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Hey everyone, My name is williek and I run a small production company that makes short videos. We have been planning to do a whole series on the Battlefield franchise and have recently pumped one out on youtube. It was been very successful and we are working on another. Basically I turned one of my hobbies into a job which I love. I got turned onto this forum by a couple people who liked my video so I figured I would come here and check everything out. I really like to interact and get feedback from the audience I am trying to reach (gamers) and would love to get something going here for an idea bank. Let me know if you have any ideas about things that annoy you in BF3 as the first video we did was a PSA on how not to revive teammates while in battle. If you want to check out our video search Battlefield 3 PSA reviving to check it out and feedback is welcome! I look forward to hearing and talking to everyone
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