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Be a dj on the super mega internet sensation radio staion!


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Galaxy247.net is looking for budding new DJ's, Presenters and radio fanatics.


There are hundreds of internet radio stations, why choose Galaxy?

Licensed in 42 countries, Streaming at 128kbps, and a fully functioning feature packed website with new content and features always being added. Galaxy247 provides the perfect platform for DJ's & Presenters to get on air and connect with listeners around the world.

Fill out our short form at http://www.galaxy247.net/be-the-dj/ or email programming@galaxy247.net





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unless you know the whole story you shouldn't be so quick to judge. The post from the guy in the other thread is a complete lie and has only posted specific parts of a convo to bring my company into disrepute, he failed to mention that he was not eligible to enter into a contract with us for hosting services which formed part of the sale.


the post was removed after a seperate attempt to sell to a different person which didn't go through because of none payment.

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Just found this. Don't you dare slander me on a public forum.


Let's get some facts:


1. I am legally able to enter into a contract under my country's law (I can't speak to yours, but it's irrelevant). I've explained this multiple times, but you prefer willful ignorance. Nevertheless:

2. I told you I would pay the entirety of the hosting prices up front, with no obligation by you to actually provide any hosting services. You said that this wasn't OK, but:

3. You'd take $625 for it. Now if there was some imaginary legal issue that would prevent you from selling to me, how could you sell to me for 5 times the price?


Your actions bring you and your company disrepute. Not anything I did.

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