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RadioUproar.Com is seeking on-air personalities

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RADIO UPROAR is an independent on-line commercial radio station playing exclusively underground music.

Our goal is to provide independent, unsigned, and underground musicians with support through commercial radio and networking.

What sets us apart from other radio stations, both over the air and on-line, is our depth in the underground communities locally and nationally.

We also offer a network for musicians that excel beyond other networking sites because our aim is to interactively participate in the success of the artist rather than having depend on how many "friends/followers" they have.

And guess what??????

We are hiring on-air personalities!


What we are looking for:

Creative and original ideas.

People with a strong connection to their local music community.

Self motivated people.

Willingness to grow with our company.


What we have to offer:

Unlimited growth & fan-base potential.

A paying stream.

A one of a kind format that targets a global market that will forever grow.



Must have a stable high speed internet.

Must have a mic, headphones and a webcam. (A mixer will be needed if you plan on broadcasting from live events)



Start with 50% share of ad revenue from the show.


Growth potential.


We would like to have several radio shows going before our official launch, so these are immediate openings.


If you are interested please send a demo along with a short synapses of your show idea and contact information to radiouproar.com@gmail.com. (We are seeking supporters of their local music so PLEASE make sure your show idea involves your local artists, not mainstream music)


Note: There is a one time fee of $65.00 for a DJ Seat License that will be reimbursed after 90 days from your first show.

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Ya Beat me to it Johny .... It does sound a bit suspect but i think thats a SAM DJ Seat licence ....


Why a seat licence?? If the person you are hiring is already as good and Creative as you want Surely they would already have singing and dancing studio Equipment.


As the "Dragons den" would say ... Sorry im out.

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