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Top Tracks of 2011


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Hey all,


I am going to publish a set of articles over the next month which are based around YOU! Thats right, YOU! Each article will be an insight of the top 10 tracks you have played on your station in 2011 OR what tracks you admired this year.


Id love to get a mixture of articles published by all members, voice professionals and staff members. You are able to advertise your station in the article which means free exposure on a site that generates over 3,000 new visitors daily!


Interested? Well all you need to do is shoot me a Private Message with the following details...


Your Name


Your Station Name & URL (Optional)


Image Of Yourself or Station Logo


Introduction Paragraph (Write a small paragraph about yourself and your station, 2-5 sentences)


Your Top 10 Tracks (Please include a short description why you chose each track)


Send that off to me, and we'll publish it as soon as possible. We will also advertise it on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.


I look forward to hearing from you all!



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I sent it over to you a little while ago.

Mark Evans (AKA CountryJock)

A1-Country Radio

If You Like The Work That Has Been Done For You, Please Consider A Donation Here:

If I Did Work That Required A Donation, It Can Be Sent Here Too:


If you like Country Music...Feel Free To Visit My Station:


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