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Syndicate with The Buck and Rob Show!


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If any stations are looking for a new, modern weekly variety show available for syndication, The Buck and Rob Show may be perfect for you!


Our program can be syndicated live or stations can download the pre-recorded version from our "Syndicator Web Access Panel," for which they will receive a username and password. The show typically runs from 5-8PM Pacific Standard Time on Fridays and features variety music, some discussions, regular segments (such as Rob's Riots, Buck's Babe of the Week, Today In History, and Video of the Week), and interviews.


On this Friday's show we will be interviewing Mac Lethal, the YouTube rap sensation whose parody video of "Look at me now" while cooking breakfast went viral overnight with over 4 million views in just 3 days. In addition to his other music, he is also the driving force behind the website "Texts from Bennett." He was featured on Good Morning America among other TV and Radio programs worldwide, and this Friday evening he will be live on the studio line with Buck and Rob. You don't want your listeners to miss it!

For more information on our syndication, we have set up a webpage where you can download an introduction letter, show briefing, syndication information and most importantly a short audio demo of the show for consideration here: http://buckandrob.com/[/url]syndicatorinfo/

After reviewing the audio demo and information, if your station is interested in syndicating our program (and we hope you are!) then we look forward to hearing from you. Just email me, syndicate@buckandrob.com and we will discuss the details!


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