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web logic problem with samPHPweb


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ok so the all system works great!

BUT when the "playlist logic" is on: "clockwheel" after 1 request he alwayes say about the song: "Track recently played". even if it recently played 2-3 days ago..


for example:

I request the song "lmfao - i sexy & i know it" - it works great and Im happy.. after a day I try to request it again and I got an error: "Track recently played". and it allways like this with that song from now..


and when "Playlist Logic" is on: "Web scripting based" he like doesnt have rules. i cant just keep request the same song over and over again and he will put him to the Queue.. and he doesnt have playlist rules.. he play the same song 4 times in 30 minutes..


I use the old templet but i have the same problem with the new temp..



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