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Looking for inexpensive FM simulcasting solution

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I am researching this problem for a friend who operates a traditional FM radio station in Thailand. He is looking for an inexpensive solution for simulcasting his station over multiple transmitters. Currently he uses a single 1.2kW exciter, but due to terrain and restriction on transmitter location and height he is not getting the coverage he desires.


The commercial solutions that seem to be out there for simulcasting all seem to start around the $20K range for even the simplest setup, which is outside the budget. I was hoping to find a software only solution that used internet streaming and a GPS signal for synchronization. I have been unsuccessful so far in locating software that can do this.


Like most stations in Thailand, this is a low budget station with minimal resources. It started out as a hobby and has barely graduated into commercial viability. Does anyone know of an appropriate solution for something like this?


Thank you for any assistance.



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You have three choices (aprt from renting a satellite- too expensive).

1. Microwave or similar links= Moderate to fairly expensive, but depends on how complex this needs to be in your friends case

2. Landline/ ISDN (Telecom Company Private wire)= Again moderate to expensive price

3. Stream on internet= cheap as chips!

Up to you now!


all the best, AB


PM me if you want to know more.

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Thank You!

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