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Switching from podcast to live broadcast

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Hello all,


I was hoping that some of you fine folks would be able to point me in the right direction in regards to a decent software package to make the switch from pre-recorded podcast to live broadcast.


I'm currently running live mixed media through an external sound card, meaning that everything is mixed prior to hitting the computer. I would like to continue to run cd's/effects/records/microphone externally, but it would be a plus if I would also be able to run audio from my pc as well.


I've looked into a lot of software such as sambroadcaster, and they all seem to lean towards more of an automated format, whereas I'm looking to run live. I'm hoping that there is someone out there in the same situation that might be able to help me out.


I've been podcasting for 6 years now, and I also run live gigs focusing on soul/early jamaican productions, but I have interests outside those genres as well, just to give you a little background.


I'd like to have my setup nice and sound before I look to my options for broadcast venues. I'm not looking to generate revenue, more of a hobbyist mindset.


Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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I used Sam for years to run my live shows. It depends on what type of Live show you are talking about I guess.

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