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Looking for some files please help

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I need a file that displays the song playing on the radio now and do a Refresh automatically

and I am looking for the file that shows who broadcast his now and will be automatically Refresh

And something else last file or anything else that shows the image of the artist performing the song on the radio

And of course that he will update the pictures automatically as each fi


Thanks to all helpers:)

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But I asked for files suitable for SHOUTcast


But you didnt...http://www.streamfinder.com/news/scripts/shoutcast-now-playing-current-song-title-php-script/

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This tread is 1.5 years old!
Yes, but someone else may find this and need updated information. Things like scripts that work now and not just then. Had I not been using my own script this thread would have been helpful in helping me find what I need. What are you looking for?
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