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Talented Djs required for Instore Music Solutions Radio


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Hi We are hiring again!

Imsradio creates music shows using unsigned bands and artists for use by businesses who dont want to pay the PRS/PPL fees.


We dont care if you use your bedroom as a sound studio as long as you have a good voice, know how to fade tracks in and out, announce the artists and keep levels,,,level and then send the finished mix to us via email.


We pay £30 per hour of completed work by Paypal.


Samples required and for more info email rfmradio@gmx,co.uk


See our website www.imsradio.co.uk for more details.


Thanks Colin

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Great idea ! More and more people are realizing that you don't need to sign on with a record label to get your music played. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, very soon the concept of record labels will go the way of the do do bird.


Quick suggestion, when you have your DJ's submit their music - make sure that the DJ's have written authorization from the actual musicians waiving any performance fee's. The american musical cartel RIAA claims that they are owed money even with the use of independent artists. ( Total hogwash - any music they collect for indies never gets paid out. )


Have your DJ's use Creative Common Licensed musicians - the Creative Commons License is universaly recognized and supported. ( The appropriate Creative Commons License must be used - IE use of content for commerical purposes. )


Hats off to you good sir for your ingenious idea :) It's amazing what people can accomplish when they decide to use their head for something other than a hat rack !

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