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Need advice on CD players...

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Hello everyone,


I am new to this forum, and so far find it very informative. I need some advice. We are going through CD players to fast here at our station. :cursing: We use manly Tascam and Numark mp102's. I would like to know what CD players you are all using at your stations. We are looking for a more reliable, professional rack mount CD player. Would really like to here about your experiences with your favorite or not so favorite professional quality CD players. Any and all advice appreciated.




Disgruntled newbie Engineer:helpsmilie:

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Hello and welcome to BW !


Did you ever used DENON ? Its reliable, but not cheap

see picture : http://djdj.nl/cat/l/dnc635.jpg

or Pioneer ?


Anyway, if you wonna have more details about CD players in general, visit this page :

http://www.keymusic.com/en/cd-players (content is English)

to see the technical details about a product click on the icon or text

Every type of gear shows you also the prize (to the buyer) - currency is Euro only

To convert the currency to yours ... see http://www.wisselkoers.nl/ (this page gives you in realtime the rating / value)

- Enter top right the amount

- into the first dropdown menu select Euro, US Dollar or other

- and select into the second dropdown menu Your currency

The result is the "current" value (so at this moment) - page refresh every 5 minutes (average)

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Thanks for the speedy reply GKIye,


I think we are going to try the Denon DNC635, this is a unit I have been looking at for a few days now. Has anyone in the forums had any real world experience with this model? I would really like to hear your reviews. Also the Denon DND4500, does anyone have this installed at there station? I know its more of a mobile DJ model, but I would love to hear your feedback on it.


Any feedback on what is being used at stations around the globe would be extremely helpful! We are just looking for a more reliable CD player for our station.


Thanks again for your help! :thumbup:

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CD Player? What's that? LOL


I've used a Denon Player in the past (about 5 years ago), and I know the station that was using it, still uses it today. I've heard great things about Denon and they've been around forever!

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CD Player? What's that? LOL


MarcAlle, I hear ya! But we are one of the few stations still spinning the disks....:cool: Soon we will have our digital library ready to-go, but for now our full time DJ's and Volunteer DJ's do like it this way. I my self can't wait for the conversin...lol, thanks for the input!

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