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Ladies and Gentlemen..... I'M BAAAAAACCCCKKKK!


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Well everyone it was about 3 weeks ago I posted in the forum about wanting and looking to get back into radio, country music radio to be particular. Well I'm back into radio and things are shaping up to be good for me and the new station I'm a broadcaster on. I'm into week 2 of hosting a new show on LA's Hot Country called The Afternoon Jam. I'm live weekdays Monday thru Friday 12pm est - 3pm est. I'm enjoying being on a station where I feel comfortable with and enjoying being a broadcaster/dj on. I thank the owner of LA's Hot Country for having me and appreciate all listeners that listens in to the station and for the show. I can say the future looks bright for me, especially when it comes to me doing something I love doing. Like I said before, radio is not just a hobby it my life and I'll always continue doing something I love doing.
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