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hi. i use UStream

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im currently using u stream for streaming.


i wanna play music instantaneous according to their allignment.


for example.


1. song 1

2. song 2

3. song 3

4. song 4

5. song 5


so i want after song 1 finish, then the song 2 will automatically played, same on 3,4,5.:balloon:


how to do that?:yes:




in u stream i should click it manually in order for song to change

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Hello Shyman,


I made a search about your question and found this video :


It gives an easy view on how to broadcast

The most important is to download "Ustream Producer v2" who makes it possible to stream any content (video, pictures and yes even music) ... This tool is free and "very" nice is that it has a tool who connects with your facebook, twitter etc account

See a demo at this link : http://www.ustream.tv/producerdemo

So if you are "online" at Ustream, and if you've activated "facebook" in Producer v2 a kind of alert gonna be shown on your facebook profile that you are broadcasting.

So people of your FB friendslist are notified in realtime about your broadcasting


So that looks a very nice and easy way to explore it ...


Secondly, I found a tool who makes it able to stream to Ustream (after I watched one of the TONS of clips at YouTube)

see : http://manycam.com/

see also : http://manycam.com/links/


I hope these details are what you are looking for :yes:

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