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Cloud DJ - Reinventing Auto DJ

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Cloud DJ is a revolutionary new radio automation tool, that runs entirely from the cloud! Unlike other Auto DJ systems, it provides a powerful desktop-like radio control experience...


  • Tag your music: Create dynamic playlists with ease, high degree of control over your stations output!
  • Scheduled playlists: Control your schedule so listeners hear a clearly programmed experience
  • Quick upload via FTP: Upload multiple files at once easily to the cloud using FTP
  • Live DJ switchover: No more loosing listeners when switching from automated to live. DJs connect directly via Cloud DJ to prevent listeners from dropping - they just hear a clean crossfade!
  • Website request widget: Automate requests from your listeners and create an interactive radio experience for them
  • Plus More! Great features like crossfading between tracks, SHOUTcast v1 and v2 supported, Live dashboard showing whats on air now, whats due next, drag and drop play list builder to name but a few!

Visit our site to find out more! http://www.wavestreaming.com/cloud-dj


Want to see how everything works before you buy? Check out our full video training series!


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Flagship Products: SHOUTcast 2 Hosting | Cloud DJ | Pro Player Suite

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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