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How To Mobilize Your Broadcast Audience

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[url=http://www.scribd.com/scenicradio/d/84892391-How-To-Mobilize-Your-Broadcast-Audience][/url] Another guide in my seriese for broadcasters.

How to effectively use a broadcaster's audience for station promotion and marketing.

Creative Commons licensed and free to read and or download.

Enjoy :)



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Thanks for this VERY amazing writeup. This is one of those topics which, in my personal opinion, EVERY station should pay attention to and they'd really be stupid not to. Social media has grown so much lately and these days has such a broad coverage and dead simple, easy, and cheap advertising compared to traditional methods. Unless you DONT want more listeners or attention that is. ;)


Although I haven't had a chance to read the document thoroughlly, one thing I would recommend to people as more of a way to lessen work on yourself is use services/tools out there that will automate publishing to multiple sites from one source. If you have your own blog-like site for your station, for example, there's tools that will watch the RSS feed for updates and re-publish those posts to Facebook, G+, etc..

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