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Audio Network Management Software


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we are looking for a software solution that will allow us to manage and control 10s of audio stream.

We need to be able to publish a flash player on request, define our custom playlist for each of them by pre-loading .m3u or .pls daily, manage individual access to the webradio with username/password, get detailed reports for royalties payment, get listener statistics, keep track of active/inactive radios, etc. A sort of centralized content management system for a distributed audio network.

We are pretty confident a software like this exist, as it is used for In-store/Corporate radio networks, but we can't find anything in particular.

Does anybody knows any product or where i can start searching for it?

Thank you for your help

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Genesys from Broadcast Bionics is the most stable system for controlling local outputs from a network command centre http://www.bionics.co.uk/broadcastsoftware/Genesys.aspx


Genesys is currently used by the UK's Global Radio network of 35 stations. A command is sent from their network studio in London to fire local ad breaks at 35 remote studio locations across the UK.


Hope this helps.

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