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Voice web conference with no delay...

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Hi everibody,

I host a show in a local radiostation in Spain (Tenerife) and I want to connect with another entertainer who is in another country (Italy) to host the show togheter..

So i'm searching for a PC application (or hardware) that allow me to interact with my colleague in real-time, with a "near-to" broadcast sound (voice) quality and almost no delay (less than a second). Do you know some software to do this?

I have a good internet cable connection with 30 Mb downstream and 1 Mb upsteram.

Thanks a lot for your tips.


DigiART ;)


PS. sorry for my english, i'm Italian. ;)

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[url=http://http://www.fideliphone.com][/url]http://fideliphone.com Is this something that may help????

My Blog https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com

User of RadioDJ FREE radio playout software since 2010.

How to Install RadioDJ: https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-install-radiodj-free-radio.html

RadioDJ is my most FAVOURITE piece of software EVER



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I'm using Skype right now but I have some issue with delay and quality of voice...

Maybe the poor connection type of one of my colleagues.. thanks a lot.. today i will try Fideliphone.


have a good day.

DigiART ;)

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Skype is likely going to be your best bet. Any delays usually boil down to either you or your colleague's internet connections. It will tend to optimize the audio so it is stable and comprehensible for a wide variety of connections. If that means high delay and low quality on an overloaded connection but no breakups, so be it. Most other software will stick to one specific configuration and if the connection goes out of whack enough, the audio can break up pretty quickly.


TL;DR: Sort out the connectivity, use some QoS, etc., and Skype should do wonders for you as it does many other broadcasters. :)

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