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The Spring Collection

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While some parts of the UK are experiencing snow and wintery conditions even in April, after basking in some lovely Spring sunshine last week, I am in the process of creating my 'Spring Collection' of short beds.


For you lovely people here at Broadcasting World (And for those lovely people who visit my website & Facebook page), I give to you one freebie of this growing collection.


The attached freebie is an element of 'Relaxing Springs'.


Relaxing Springs

Relaxing Springs is just one part of the Spring Collection, a collection of short radio beds produced by Pinnell Productions. With the 'Relaxing Springs' package, you get the original sound, a short of the original sound, a break and a beat version.


The version attached today is 'Relaxing Springs - Beat One'. 24 seconds in length, and with a beat break towards the end, this element would be perfect for daytime radio output, for use during a menu, or even a talk-up on a talk show into a break. Adding your own voiceovers to the beginning, end or both, and this will certainly make a nice addition to your station.



There will be more from the Spring Collection over the month of April online, at http://www.pinnellproductions.co.uk - just follow the relevant links.


In the meantime, enjoy this freebie.





At present, beds are royalty free. However, if production increases and/or beds become popular and widely used, this might change. For all the latest check out the Pinnell Productions website, where, if this does change, you will be able to find all the relevant logging details.

Relaxing Springs_BeatOne.mp3

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