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Embedded MP3 Player

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Wasn't sure where to post this.. I suppose my blog is my studio.


Anyway, I got a couple of exclusive tracks in the mail this morning with directions not to post them for download. I was wondering if somebody knew how to get a nice cool embedded player that'll allow you to hear the song but not download it on wordpress. Thanks.

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Thanks James!


I don't think this will work though. As the blog is hosted by wordpress.com I don't have access to installing/uploading plugins and files.


Does anybody know of a site that'll allow you to upload your music files and provide an embedded player without linkage to the file? It's quite an ask.

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Ahh encountered some trouble. I used the setup wizard. this is the code I got:







flashvars="height=20&width=200&file=http://www.uploadpod.com/memberfiles/05 Too Long - Steam Machine.mp3&overstretch=fit"



(Just using a small file to test)

When I try and chuck that into a new post in wordpress nothing shows. Is this because wordpress doesn't support it? Or is there a problem with the code.

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we do something for stations that is unique

check it out http://players.hoperadio.us/index.htm


we have spent over a year working on this idea and making sure that it works

no more ugly windows media player to show but your custom skin and logo and buttons, volume control and now playing info.


btw this is not a plug or ad it we just wanted to help out

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