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Gday guys


Our service at BW has been growing, and our feedback form has been overloaded with suggestions to improve BW :upz: Thanks guys for the feedback..


Now onto what our plans are :)

A surveyor/admins and me have been discussing ways to change BW, The best changes came from you guys! So we are taking some of those ideas that other broadcasting sites wont offer into our site!


-We will now aim to provide you with daily news from the audio industry by print, radio & weekly video news. (User Suggestion)


-We will be giving you more features, tutorials, articles and interviews than ever before.


-There will have more rewarding competitions & games.


-We will be changing our logo to a simpler design that tells us what and who we are. (User Suggestion)


-Also a few theme changes (not major, you wont spot these changes very much)


-We will provide a song of the month from the admins. (User Suggestion)



Any more suggestions.. please ask :)

The changes will start this weekend (Friday For USA)


Thanks for being members, Thanks for helping us and enjoy :)

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