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Hey, My name is Brett and i work on a FM station in my area! The problem i have is the guy that does are station jingles has left and we are left do do are own! Using my voice in my jingles for my show doesn't sound that good.


I remember a while ago I used this forum and got great results.


I would like to have a few lines for jingles for are games we play in are shows.


If you can read these I would be more than happy!


'Its time to hear the wired stories that make you giggle, cry and leave you confused. Lets hear this weeks story..'


'Do you your music well? Can you name a tune within the first line? Lets put it to the test. Lets play, Name That Tune!'


And last one just as a show opener:


'You are have got the radio on! Brett and Sam are in the studio! This can only mean one thing!' Welcome to Brett And Sams 30 Minute Mash Up! Only on BCB 106.6FM'


If you could do these i would be very happy! You don't have to do them in separate files you can record them all at once as i can split them when i get to the studio!


For legal reasons i have to mention that these will be used on FM.


Thanks Guys!


- Brett

Always here to help...Don't forget to REP if I have helped you! :)
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