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New Station Promo's and ID's


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Hello All,


I have dreamt up 4 new station ID's, promos.


Your feed back and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)




Script 1


Your listening to El Mero Mero Radio.


Visit our website and join the musical revolution !


www . elmeromeroradio . com



Script 2


Rock the house with El Mero Mero Radio.


Join the musical revolution and visit our website !


www . elmeromeroradio . com



Script 3


Tell your friends and family about El Mero Mero Radio !


We are the voice of Latin urban music world wide.


www . elmeromeroradio . com



Script 4


Your radio station for the best urban latin beats world wide.


Visit our website and join the global community of listeners !


www . elmeromeroradio . com

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Howdy Saint ...


I made the attached reads for fun ... Yep Sir ... for fun :rolleyes: ... LOL


including some bloopers

feedback is welcome and enjoy the result :P


I think out of the two on here this VO sounds better with the script.


One personal critique I have toward the script is to take out the "www." part..... and just have the script read" elmeromeroradio.com(elmeromeroradio DOT COM).... in todays society everyone knows that if your dropping a "dot com" on the end of something that you want them to check out a website and the www. is already implied. Even tho it's not a lot you're still wasting airtime by saying that "www."

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