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long distance DJS

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Long distance DJs




May I ask everybody if what software do you use if DJs are long distance. sharing password?




for example, i use U Stream.... so do i need to share the password of my u stream to let other DJs host the radiOO? thnx

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I work for a station who's main studio is over the other side of the city from where i am. Im fortunate enough to have been trusted with the Shoutcast admin password so i can Kick in when i need to do my shows.


However you have to be very careful who you hire and as to how much you trust them in order to give them the admin password.


The only other way i could suggest doing this is setting up a seperate shoutcast server that the DJ connects to at a set time. Then Relay that server through whatever streaming software you use. RadioDJ does Internet streams quite well. Never got The URL to work from another shoutcast server with SAM.


Hope that helps.

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we use the autodj service from shoutcaststreaming.us and I am experimenting with putting all our djs (25 from all corners of the globe) to broadcast onto the same encoder as autodj: the scenario then is the autodj stream is on all the times ...and when live dj comes in they take over that stream they just use the shoutcaststreaming.us functionality to stop and start live ...have had positive responses from a few of our presenters that the transition is seamless and at the same time all I have to give our presenters is the auto dj control panel password instead of stream password (which I can change any time if a presenter leaves) ...the

LinkedFm ...Creating connections ...


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We have our own in-house written software that allows up to 5 different passwords for Auto DJ so they can turn on / off the Centovacast Control Panel. That way they don't have access to the CP to 'ruin' things by deleting files / changing passwords / stats / etc.


A good way to do it is have your Remote DJ broadcast to a 2nd Shoutcast server (with only 1 or 2 listeners) and then the software to pick up the feed (URL) at a specified time and then revert back to LIVE feed when done. SAM can do this automatically with a PAL script.


Never got The URL to work from another shoutcast server with SAM.
The ability to add a URL to the SAM queue is so very basic (Ctrl+U), I am blow away that you couldn't get it to work.

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