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Live Stream Question?

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Hey guys,


So i'm running a 24/7 stream of course (www.TheRealMidwestRadio.com) in the next few months i will be going to a few event and i want to live stream interviews, panels, etc while i'm their. Just wondering what are some things i will need to know, do and buy to achieve this. I know of NOTHING so i am an extreme newby in this world of live broadcast. So please let me know any knowledge you have. Thanks in advance!!!


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Theirs a million ways to do this. The best ways (skype) is flawed unless the moon, sun, stars, and clouds are aligned perfectly.


What im talking about in that pointless statement is if you are running your cables/virtual cables.



What I really recommend is using A voip that browser based. One that you can connect your audience/interviewees through a touch of the button and the audio is routed to you through a browser, for easy audio capture. That way your audience isnt having any difficulty communicating or downloading additional software to talk to you.


Dont DIY this. Contact a VOIP host. They will set you up. This is a bitch to do. Trust me. I would know.


The services for something like this arn't too expensive provided you go through a mom and pops VOIP host that is running their own home brewed voodoo. I cant give names (choose not too, I dont currently take sides in the host wars) but take a look.

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Or if you have the facilities to take a laptop and use a wi-fi hotspot or internet connection through your phone you could record audio, and email it across to the studio as an MP3 where someone in the radio can import them in. We have done this on FM stations before where the VHF connection has not been possible and it sounded really good.

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