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Sam Broadcaster 4,r Audio not working!

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Hey Guys i'm kind of in a bad situation!s


Today I was DJing on a live fan site for habbo and I was happily playing along with my music and speaking but then something bad happened, my audio wasn't working!


I know it wasn't my pc because every other audio is working fine except Sam I need help I cant speak on it I cant play music it just stays in one spot!


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Salam Aleikum Johny


Your humble servant kneels and is kissin' the floor where you walk

Lol Phill, that means your almost a "God":thumbup:

in proper English :

Finaly somebody who has understood who I am :kiss:

but ... damn ... I still love and adore women ... lol



Don was the legend of the voices

Phil becomes the legend of support, knowledge, love, peace, ... and whatever you like :thumbup:


Enjoy the attached file :cool:

2012 04 25 God is.wav

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