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Help in creating the Station ID wanted

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Hi everyone,

I am returning after a long break, and looking to re-launch my station MMIR.

The station failed last time due to an electrical fire in my home that damaged my equipment, and also a lack of support in finding content for broadcast:\.

I am rebuilding the station interior and adding new control gear, applying for the PRS music licence (all at my own expense)... and have a couple of people who have shown an interest in helping out (volunteering) as DJ Presenters.:rolleyes:

So i am more confident now, that the station will work out and stay on air...at least for the first year.:yes:


If anyone could help with some ID liners and/or ideas to get the station established, i would be eternally grateful.


Here are some ideas, by the way..."Mannering" is pronounced exactly as it reads... Mann-er-ing.

As for Liners... I will have a go at a couple, but i am sure there are more creative members than I.


LINER 1: Listen to the world in music... MMIR


LINER 2: The best sounds, The best music... MMIR


LINER 3: From Telford in Shropshire, The UKs favourite internet radio station... MMIR


LINER 4: Lay back and relax, your listening to... Mannering Media Internet Radio.


LINER 5: At home or away, there is always... Mannering Media Internet Radio.


LINER 6: Your listening to the best music, the best sounds, the best programs... MMIR


LINER 7: Where Country meets Folk... Here on... MMIR


LINER 8: Go ahead, Make your day... Listening to... Mannering Media Internet Radio.



Any help will be really appreciated,



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