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Radio Station Startup

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Hey now. Me and my friends were thinking about starting up a radio station. We have a few products here to consider, and we were looking for more experienced input. Optimally we would want it to cover our suburban city and a few of the surrounding cities. A 10 mile radius would be most preferred, as that is what we've found to be the most covering. Anyway. Here are the products.










Thanks in advance for any input.

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Are you trying to organize a Part15 Station"

If so - it will not cover the area that you are intending it to.

Are you looking to organize, license and Build a "Low Power FM" Station?

If so the road to "legal" is long and full of potholes.

The main requirement is that the station be "non profit" which means it must be owned and operated by a Section 501 (X)(x) charity


You negelect to reveal your intended loacation, nor have you indicated where you are.


So advice is limited, since loaction is important and location determines legal status option.



Phoenix AZ

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Is live365 really that good??

I've used Live365 before offering services. I had a great experience with them. They were very reliable, however the thing that pulled me away from them was how listeners hear their ads. They have (had) different pricing tiers and I couldn't afford to keep it up because of the high costs just to play some commercial ads.

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