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Long Promo Liner for Community Project

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I need a dry read of the following:


"Your about to witness our longest ever marathon broadcast, A broadcast so long, Who knows if the participants will last till the end, It's not just One day, Two days, But near to Three whole days, Jam packed with laugh's, excitement and tears.

Join Callum Coleman, Daniel Bell, Luke Tabram and Samuel Smith as they host Haverhill FM's, 70 Hour Broadcast, In aid of the NDCS"


Tabram pronounced Tay - Bram


NDCS is spelt out




All replies are very much appreciated!, All recordings will be credited during the broadcast and on my blog.


I would pay for Jingles, But as a student I don't have enough money to do so, And I'm also not at the age where I can apply for a credit card :(.

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Hi Vox Junction, could you please read this for the team?


On the 6th until the 9th of August 2012... Hay-Ver-Hill FM will be transmitting the longest ever marathon broadcast for 70 Hours.. Will they stay up?... will they work together?... will they pass to the end? ... with Live singing from Kate Read as known from ITV's the voice... In Aid of Teenage Cancer Trust & CLIC Seargent... with Daniel Bell, Callum Coleman and Luke Tabram, The 70 Hour Broadcast on Hay-Ver-Hill FM


Thank You!

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