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Broadwave problem... again

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OK... i have set up Broadwave as i have before, but on a new computer.

As far as i can tell, i have done everything as i did in the past... but there does not seem to be and broadcasts when people outside my local network try to connect (or on my local network).


Everything seems to be working....

I ran PFPortchecker, and it indicated that the port was open, game me the EXT IP Address, and was able to ping my router.


Broadwave is on my static IP and on the correct port.


When i click on the link from my webpage... a media player opens, as if to play something.... but does nothing else.


I know that i will not be able to hear anything on my system, but visitors to me site just get a message saying something loke "No Internet Available" or something similar.


Any ideas...anyone?





P.S. my webpage is at: http://www.manneringmedia.co.uk

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Ian I clicked on you link on the web page and I get The connection has timed out


The server at is taking too long to respond.


This looks to me as its your computer ip and not your external one.

go here http://whatismyipaddress.com/ and it will show what your external ip is

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I have checked the IP as you suggested Johny, and i get the same address as i already have, this will take me to the Broadwave information site whee i get the link details for my station that i have set up on my webpage.


I was thinking that it could be something to do with my protection software on the computer i use for my station, but i have run the test program "PFPortchecker" and it comes back as working fine.

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