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Reward for unknown voice identity


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I'll pay $100.00 to the first person who provides verifiable information that leads to the identity of this narrator: http://soundcloud.com/dansco-1/sample-99/s-ZW8TI


He's probably not around anymore. He did narration for at least two of Grolier's English courses. The first was called "Modern American English," copyrighted by Simon & Schuster/Regents in 1968 and sold by Grolier, and the other was "Programmed English" copyrighted by Grolier in 1978/1984. He may have also been the narrator of these two promos:



This is all I know about him. He sounds a bit like John Forsythe or a young Lee Bowman, and there is an article on the Internet saying he is Leslie Daniel, but it's none of them. He probably was a broadcaster, as well.


Please PM me.

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