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Thank you for this! I'm new to this forum and run a radio station on a tiny island in the Pacific-- all the tips, tricks and guidance I can get is much appreciated!

C. Merirei Ongelungel


89.9 PWFM - Palau Wave Radio


station (680) 488-5350

fax line (680) 488-5250

mobile (680) 778-5490


"The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing." -Leo F. Buscaglia

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Very good article! Anyone in business should read it and put the principles in practice, no matter what type of business.


The info on imaging is not just for broadcasters, that is info that is true for any business. That is what helps a business grow, is branding and imaging. You want to get your branding and imaging in front of your consumer to the point that they instantly recognize it and know that it's a product they can trust and rely on.


Bad imaging, branding, or advertisments can do more harm than good to any business. So, any sponsor that pays money to advertise on your radio, tv, newspaper, website or blog...etc., you owe them the very best commercial you can make. Not just throw something together in 3 minutes and say that is good enough. Same on your own branding of your own business (radio station), you want the branding to be the best it can be! You need to always ask yourself, if this is the image you want people to remember you by? If not, then don't put it out there!


That is why some popular radio personalities will not endorse products until they have personally used the product or service. If you advertise a really bad product or service, the customer will subconsciously associate your business with that product or service, because you run their ads! Not all sponsor or ad money is good money! Would you really continue to run an ad from a used car lot that has a reputation of really bad cars, charges ridiculous interest rates for on lot financing and takes advantage of women and young people? I hope not! Just some things to consider.

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