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Hi there in radio land thought i would say hello and ask maybe you would have a listen to my NON PROFIT all free done by me streaming radio station which goes live next week on Friday. tell me what you think and say hi on the station page if you want , the more the merrier....


Thanks everyone .....


http://playir.listen2myradio.com/playIR 1.jpg

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Hi welcome to bw... This Place is awesome too see talk about broadcasting... And to answer the above question.... I use a site called stickam it seems pretty good too me. :laugh: But sometimes it can get a bit fuzzy... But all sites have there moments right?

Broadcasting Duo is one of the fastest growing and rapidly expanding Broadcasting websites. Check us out: https://www.broadcastingduo.com/


Also be sure to check out BG Radio Network, we have a new website, new djs and new jingles. Check out BG Radio Network (BGRN): https://sitemaker44.wixsite.com/bgradionetwork

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Hi Everbody in radio land we launch today at 10 o/clock please follow these links and have a listen


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