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YouTube Question


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I'm using YT since years - made as profile on my own name


The past Years, day by day, I get as user the idea that into time nothing gonna be possible ... unless people don't use any content

Yes, I mean a "blank movie" with NO content


Reason why is :

- I uploaded several vids about family events ... result = flagged

- I uploaded several vids with music made by "Myself" ... result = flagged

- I uploaded several vids who can be seen as a documentary about an event ... result = flagged


All for reason of infringement to copyright laws !


- All content has video and/or pictures made by Myself

- Most of the vids have free loops (edited to musicfiles) or do have music (musicbeds and other) made by Myself


Question is ...

How is it possible to get flagged and to make an infringement to copyright laws if all content is my property (!!)

BUT, if YT make this deccision, they can add advertisements next and "on" the video ... (money makes the World going around !)


I know an artist/producer/songwriter who uploaded his OWN productions at his artist profile ...

That artist sells worldwide into 50+ countries ... so not a newbie (!)

One of his clips was also uploaded to my own profile and he, the artist, was proud that I did that ...

Result : a complain made by an UK office who told that "they" owned "all" rights to that work


The artist and producer "and" owner of that material is someone known by Myself - so I wrote him the problems who had happened at YT


He was getting that anger, and wrote Me that his lawyers should destroy that UK office with all possible legal tools


YT ain't fun anymore ... unless a member upload a copy of something that has been recorded with his/her webcam


I'm thinking about to delete my profile

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It is from my understanding on the subject, and do correct me if I am wrong on this, is that for some reason or another YT is allowing copyright notices from any random person without verifying the source. I seem to recall at some point some parties impersonating Viacom and getting videos taken down that didn't even have Viacom content.


It is quite annoying regardless. Though, FWIW, if you are one to post copyrighted content that isn't yours, be it intentional or otherwise (ie: Home movie with a popular song in the background and not a focus of the video vs. posting a 'lyric' video of a song), they have rescinded the banhammer quite a deal recently. Used to be the videos would be outright removed or blocked. Now it remains live but they throw in relevant advertising on it. Lesser of two evils as the case may be.

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