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50% Off Shoutcast - 25% (or 50%) off VPS

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Spring Cleaning Sale - 50% off Shoutcast Servers and 25% off VPS (0r 50% off if paid quarterly)


We've slashed our prices of Shoutcast servers during May by 50%.


Here is what you will save:




[TD=bgcolor: #FFFF00, align: center]Bitrate[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #FFFF00, align: center]Normal Price[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #FFFF00, align: center] ShoutCast Sale Price[/TD]



[TD=align: center]24 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.20 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.10 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]32 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.32 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.16 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]48 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.42 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.21 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]56 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.50 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.15 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]64 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.60 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.30 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]80 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.70 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.35 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]96 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$0.80 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.40 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]128 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$1.10 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.55 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]192 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$1.75 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$0.88 / month[/TD]



[TD=align: center]256 kbps[/TD]

[TD=align: center]$2.50 / month[/TD]

[TD=bgcolor: #99FF33, align: center]$1.25 / month[/TD]





User promo code shout upon checkout.


Note: Prices continue discounted as long as you remain a customer. Prices are per concurrrent listener. Present customers may add on new services but not cancel and re-order.



Also save either 25% if you pay monthly or save 50% if you pay quarterly on our VPS servers.


User promo code promo25 or promo50 upon checkout.





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