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You certainly can broadcast live using Radionomy.


They provide a service - just like Live365 - except they don't charge you. There is nothing wrong with revenue sharing, google adsense does the same thing. You provide content, they provide advertising - you share generated revenue.


Radionomy does use a listener requirement to weed out stations that don't perform well. I personally have no problem with that - as they want to present stations that provide quality entertainment.

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But the down side to it is you can not broadcast live. Just manage the songs in their library.

You're wrong. You can broadcast live and upload your own library music and manage the playlist as you want.

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A lot of their customers are reporting they are reciving e-mails that if you cannot maintain a certain ammount of listening hours they want to charge you.


I was A big fan of Radionamy, but it all goes back to the idea that for low budget radio, Creative Commons and JLA are the only two titans holding up the pillars of a stable foundation.

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Just wanted to says that there is also FreeStreamHosting. I just thought that I would sign up for a FREE account and see if everything was still the same over there....and to my Surprise, I was allotted 1000 slots at 128kbps. That was never the case before.

The only thing is, they do not allow Direct Tune-ins or Publicly listed servers on the FREE accounts. You'll have to have people go directly to your FreeStreamHosting page in order to listen.



However...I was amazed at a spectacular offer on my Control Panel page, that I did a double take on and I could not believe. So, I Printed my Screen, and I'll let you figure it out for yourselves. I immediately signed up, and I now have Direct-Tune-ins allowed.

I'd advise people to take advantage of this while it lasts.






Of course there will be doubters and haters....

Now, just so you know, the Company behind FSH is a very reputable company, and they have been in this Business for years. They host some of the big stations on Shoutcast. So, I trust them, wholeheartedly.



This offer, should be able to get those Live365 people off that awful service and allow them to host a real radio station with SAM Broadcaster :P .



There are a number of ways this can be hooked up. Anyway - FSH have just shut down the FREE competition.

-- JE


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My experience with Radionomy is horrible server cut every single damn day and I am not joking you can check out the forums in radionomy about iit f you like.


Their new user agreement even states they don't have to fix any server issues at all and they are starting to censor. I have made over 130 hours for almost 2 years now and just last night the server cut from iTune listing and started streaming another different radionomy station.


I AM DONE WITH it! I will pay for a server and licensing.


Oh, yeah I have Geico, H & R Block, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc running ads and I don't see a damn dime and don't hear talk of it either. Doesn't really matter the server sucks! This is my experience.



New user agreemnt I advise you read it: http://www.radionomy.com/en/static/cgu


Also you don't know where the hell your listeners are coming from that is owned by Radionomy and you can't see your own geo stats!


How are you gonna make money if you don't know your numbers and if they are not accurate.



And live streaming I didn't attempt that but if you look at the forum you will see all the problems. Nothing is perfect but damn Im lucky to have 95% uptime with Radionomy and that's a superb day if that's happening.


I used a shoutcast server and live365 never problems like Radionomy.


I admit it's a great idea, but I don't trust them at all I can't get any straight answers for all the server cuts.


And now with there new user agreement they even tell you outright they don't have to fix any problems.

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Their business model is to provide a streaming service. If their services do not work, then they don't make money. Why would any sane business neglect their source of income. (Radionomy has been around for several years and just got another major cash infusion from investors - so I don't see them disappearing any time soon.)


You are making a lot of assumptions and they need to be corrected . . .


If you can't pull above 130 hours, then you should consider changing formats. Niche content wins every time. Also, you cant rely on one point of presence for attracting audience members. Diversity, multiple levels of presence and refined content.


Making money is easy - if the right approaches are taken. Do you offer secondary content ? Do you have a website ? Do you promote the website on your broadcast ? Do you have a forum that allows listeners to interact ? To you offer station news ? Just assuming that you can run ONLY in stream advertising will guarantee money is totally incorrect.


Again, you must offer diversity, quality content, niche content.



The days of just tossing up a random barrage of noise, calling it a radio station, and slapping together a 5 minute website are long over with - if you expect to make any amount of money.


My experience with Radionomy is horrible server cut every single damn day and I am not joking you can check out the forums in radionomy about iit f you like.
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