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You can make comments about the the artist or track that plays next and if you are like me you can hear something in the current playing track to say when it has finished. You may hear a line which bring backs some memory of something youve done or fits with some current news item. After a while things will just come to you. I never script any of my shows and have been asked many times if I do.:P

RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand & ragfm.com

........"Top Music Top of the Dial"

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same as Johny C ...i do not script anything ....all I plan is to introduce the track ..after that I go with the flow ...listen to the songs playing and at times a certain lyric in the song will prompt a few thoughts / memories etc and I just use that in the conversations ...I also read online newspapers during the show and if I come across something that I feel is interesting or relevant and worth sharing I then bring it up ... My shows are interactive so when I am online I am interacting with listeners via facebook and skype calls ...so most of the time these interactions bring up conversations , responses etc that I ten use during the shows

LinkedFm ...Creating connections ...


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