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How to fill a Saturday morning in

johny c

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Heres how I filled this Saturday morning.

Got in to the car to go downtown, listening to my station. But when I got to the

end of my drive in came another station over the top of mine. Well you can quess

what I said, so I went out hunting for them. Every I went they were still coming

in in stereo. Drove around and went to places which I knew were bad areas for

radio. Still in stereo so I thought these guys are pushing some good power. I

then drove out of town out of lpfm range, but there they were loud and clear in

stereo. After a while I thought stuff it, theres nothing I can do about it.

On the way home I thought I would put my cell phone radio with the ear buds on

since it is not as good as the car radio and turned the car radio off. It came

in strong again in stereo so I headed home. Got at the start of my driveway and

decided to check the letter box. Stop and turned the car off to take the key to

the letter box and the station over the top of mine stopped. Then the light

turned on. I could have hit myself in the head.:retard: Looked down and there was my mp3

player transmitter plugged in to the lighter socket.I normaly leave it 1/2

plugged in so when I get out of town I just push it in. The other day I had taken

it out to show a mate and when I put it back in the car I had pushed it fully

in.Did I feel a proper dick.This will never happen again. lol its a good man who

can laugh at himself and Im sticking to it.:rolleyes:

RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand & ragfm.com

........"Top Music Top of the Dial"

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