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Audio processing for internet streams?

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This curiosity came across me earlier. I have been playing around with tons of different setups but haven't been able to find anything suitable. What I want to know is if anyone else has succeeded in running their station with zero audio processing beyond normalizing out the source audio before hand? That is the only thing that has really sounded decent across different encoders to my ears.



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I run RadioDJ here and use the Built in audio processing and it sounds absolutely fantastic.


I've Tried Breakaway didn't like it. Tried something called Maizesoft which was supposed to the same job nope no good. I hear lot of People do like Stereo Tools which is a winamp plugin.


Its taken me a long time to get my stuff sounding this good and all for Free.

My Blog https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com

User of RadioDJ FREE radio playout software since 2010.

How to Install RadioDJ: https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-install-radiodj-free-radio.html

RadioDJ is my most FAVOURITE piece of software EVER



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I'm doing a hybrid 70s/80s station with retro jingles and sweepers, so I'm aiming for that dense FM radio sound, and I found that Breakaway does just what I want. In the past I used outboard stuff (Aphex compellor and Optimod) for my stream but I think Breakaway does a decent job of keeping things nicely smashed. :)
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