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My next tutorial?

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I'm about to make some simple Video/picture related tutorials.


Deciding where to start. Some choices are:


- Broadcasting using simplecast/ Orban AAC+ transcoder (I get these questions constantly, so thinking about making an in-depth tutorial, especially ID3 transfers, constantly get email's and FB messages about this)


- Casting effects on a budget.


- Web page design for the broadcaster (actually working on a very flexable WP theme to solve the need to write this.)


- Multiple computers and broadcasting: The What, Why, how, and Where of transcoding (including my Dos/terminal code for broadcasters splitting comps with source and transcoder.


Any thoughts?

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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We get a lot of questions (recently) about AAC / AAC+ and FLASH. Also a lot about transcoding, both AAC and MP3, and how it works.


Just my two cents.

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