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PAL Question: Best Way to Handle a Multiple-Artist Query

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I am knee deep in PAL and MySQL and I am a bit stumped.


Each song I have is attached to 10 associated artists. What I want to do is:

- Determine which artists I can play, based on my station rules and the Category I want (I have one named Normal Rotation)

- Determine the least recently played song

- Place this song into a Playlist to be inserted into the Queue at a designed time


So in essence I should have a list of 10 songs (at most) that would fit next to the song I have queued up.


The question I have is how would I even attempt this? I assume I should make an array and circle through each artist seeing when they last played, then if that artist can play I can circle through the list of songs finding the oldest play. That makes sense to me...


Though how do I get the Artist separation/Song separation rule minutes to compare with what's available?


Hopefully this makes sense?



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Thank you for the links though I do know the basic ins and outs of PAL, but the problem is that it's restrictive, so I look for easy solutions. They aren't always as easy as I wish for, of course.


So far I have most of my code done, now I just need to SQL query using these parameters:


var tArtist: Integer = PlaylistRules.MinArtistTime;

var tTitle: Integer = PlaylistRules.MinSongTime;


So I query to see if the artist last played, if the artist hasn't played in awhile THEN I can query all their songs, finding the song that last played. Maybe adding the caveat that it is last played in a category of my choice.


Hopefully this makes more sense now. :)


A bit of time later I have a pretty nice solution...


const catName = 'TopSongList';
CAT[catName].Clear; //Clear the Category Before Replacing
const aHi = 9; //Total items in the aArray, they are just Artists
var tArtist: Integer = PlaylistRules.MinArtistTime;
var  tTitle: Integer = PlaylistRules.MinSongTime;
var l : Integer = 0; //counting for loops
var k : Integer = 0; //counting for total array

while k  begin
  Q := Query('SELECT * FROM songlist WHERE (artist = :artists) AND (weight > :weights) ORDER BY date_played ASC LIMIT 1',[aArray[k],aHi],True);

  if (Q['title']  '') AND (l      begin
     If DateTime(Now - (IntToStr(tArtist)/1440)) > Q['date_artist_played'] then
          If DateTime(Now - (IntToStr(tTitle)/1440)) > Q['date_title_played'] then
              WriteLn(IntToStr(l)+') '+aArray[k]+' - '+Q['title']);
              CAT[catName].AddFile(Q['filename'], ipBottom);
              l := l + 1;
  k := k + 1;


The only problem is that there is a Memory leak: Warning: Memoryleak detected (instance of class TCategoryTree)


So I guess that's the final bit I need to help plug and then this should be finished.

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