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Birthdays 9th April

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For your info:

BIRTHDAYS (for 09 April )

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, (born 09 April 1806)

English engineer who was appointed engineer to the Great Western Railway in 1833 and constructed tunnels and bridges on that iine. He also pionneered the Clifton Suspension Bridge and designed the Great Western, the first steam-ship built to cross the Atlantic

Charles Baudelaire, (born 09 April 1821)

Leading French poet

Mary Pickford, (born 09 April 1893)

Canadian actress who was known as 'the world's sweetheart' in her silent films. She was a founder of United Artists and one of America's richest women

Sir Victor Gollancz, (born 09 April 1893)

British author and publisher

Paul Robeson, (born 09 April 1898)

American singer and aetor who was famous for his portrayal as 'Othello' on the London stage and in the United States. He appeared in films including 'Sanders of the River', `.Showboat' and `King Solomon's Mines'

Sir Robert Helpmann, (born 09 April 1909)

(Deceased) Australian ballet dancer and choreographer

Vincent O'Brien, (born 09 April 1917)

Racehorse trainer

Alexander Moulton, (born 09 April 1920)

English designer of bicycles and Coaches

Hugh Hefner, 82 (born 09 April 1926)

publisher ("Playboy").

Tom Lehrer, 80 (born 09 April 1928)

Lecturer and songwriter

Carl Perkins, 76 (born 09 April 1932)

50s rock star best remembered for his hit 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Jean-Paul Belmondo, 75 (born 09 April 1933)

French actor in films since the late 50s

Valerie Singleton, 71 (born 09 April 1937)

Broadcaster and presenter who was an announcer on BBC TV from 1962-1964. She went on to the childrens' programme 'Blue Peter' and 'The Money Programme'. She was also on Radio 4's 'PM' programme from 1981 to 1993

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