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The European Parliament has voted to reject (ACTA)

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The European Parliament has voted to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

The international anti-piracy agreement was signed by the European Commission and 22 EU member states in January but many countries backpedaled on their decision to sign following widespread protests that followed.

The agreement can only enter into force if ratified by six of the 11 signatory states; The European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, the US and Switzerland. It can only become EU law if approved by the European Parliament.

The Civil Liberties Committee voted against ACTAC, which aims to enforce intellectual property rights, alongside the Legal and Industry committees.

According to those who voted against the deal, ACTA does not ensure full respect for private life or full protection of sensitive information.

The Civil Liberties Committee said that internet providers should not police the internet while the Industry Committee said that ACTA fails to balance intellectual property rights, business freedom, protection of personal data and the freedom to receive or provide information.

The International Trade Committee is due to adopt its position on June 21 with the agreement scheduled to be put to a vote by the whole Parliament on July 3.

The European Commission – responsible for negotiating the agreement on behalf of the EU – has asked the European Court of Justice for its opinion and urged the Parliament to wait for a ruling.

Source: http://www.techworld.com/

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I bet our gov will go with the Americans. These clowns here jump when ever America wants anything.


Actually, the PPL is just as hungry as BMI when it comes to royalties.


Its just less complicated Compaired to the royalty relations of ASCAP and BMI-> composers-> Sound Exchange-> SESAC for collection of revenue on revenue made.


What a headache.


I am split on this decision. From one point, with recent battles, all the record lables are getting screwed. Then again, its happening rightfully based on a lot of bad decisions that screwed the artist.


Then again, They make the albums that sell. Then Again, WHO THE #($* buys CD's anymore. If anyone is going to buy, its usually from Amazon, or some other MP3 sells site. There a bunch whose outlived their purpose (nothing wrong with that) thats trying to squeeze blood from the rest of the industry. (something wrong with that)


Then again, they make the profits move in the industry. THEN AGAIN, the only reason why is THEY made the legal structure to do so, and in the process created the process to hang themselves.


Then again....(refer to statement one)




Its not that I have anything against stopping piracy. A lot of artist would have made a lot more money had their songs not been illegally downloaded.


Its just that you cant stop illicit stuff by trying to come after hobbyist with the same fee's as the professional stations. They have to realize that this is like multi-marketing. Were not all making money if were doing it legally. Most of us are losing money. Your more likely to win in Vegas than to come out on top in the internet radio industry starting on ground floor. Especially alone. You really got to love this #($ and have the patience for it to stick with it. But theirs no goldmine that people imagine. No SEO bullet to bring you 1000 listeners.


They should spend less time coming after us, and more time trying to find a way to merge JLA in their Cabinet, so that everyone doing the right thing is on the same side in the US, from them to us. PPL should be doing the same in the UK.


If everyone was on the same page, push all check valves of the industry out. Start creating some form of balance.


Then again, trying to fix the industry after the internet is like trying to solve world hunger, or eliminate ALL terror in the world. I can tell you first hand how that will work out for them.

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