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Hello from the Rockies


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Recommended here by somebody on the SpacialAudio forums. Starting up (now in beta) a blues station - Blues Debut.


Like I said, it's beta, but there is a stream up at http://www.BluesDebut.com


Hoping to learn about websites and players here. I'm using SAM 4.9.6 on MySQL 5.5.23 and streaming via Shoutcast v1.


Don't use any PAL scripts but have written my own in Python which do what I want. Happy to help with Python if I can. Now if I could only figure out the pop-up player piece !





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Welcome To Broadcasting World :)


I have written many guides to help Internet broadcasters. These guides are free to read or download :)


You can find those guides here:



I also have a FaceBook page for all the guides I have written, for the Internet, computers and broadcasting.



Enjoy !

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