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Triggering events from website??

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Hi. First I want to thank everyone for such a great and friendly forum. WAY different than spacial audio forum and their total lack of tech support, even Spacials on site tech support. I've been reading the posts here and everyone has been so cool to one another.


I was hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. I would like my DJ's to have a choice of 2 events to run at their set times which would trigger a pal script. So they would log on to the website and click a button.


Basically, if the button is clicked, the website will tell SAM "If button is clicked, play script 1 at the DJ's time slot" if it's clicked again it will tell SAM "Run script 2 in the DJ's time slot". This could even be done from a checkbox.


The key here is to allow the DJ's to switch from live show to pre-programmed shows before their set time. So if they can't make it to do a live set, they can log on to the website, click the button then at their time it will play the other script. Of course if they can't make it to do a live set, the function would not work if it has to be clicked at a certain time. So when it's clicked, the command waits for the DJ's time slot.


Or perhaps something can be scripted in the pal script to say:


If website box is checked (or button clicked), play this


play this



thank you for your time

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