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Need a Quick Quality Drop please.

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Hey everyone,


Just want to say thanks to the great team members that voiced Urban Hitz Radio over the years...started getting professionally imaged in 2003. Especially Jeff Straub and Sterling (my first), if they're out there. I need 2 quick drops for re-imaging, since the station is back on its feet.


Hey... Check us out online, right now @ UrbanRadioUSA.com! (possibly with some keys typing)


The Internet's Only Hip Hop and R&B powerhouse...Urban Hitz Radio! Where R&B and Hip Hop connect...All Day Long!

(this drop will be played on air and at loading of website, please make it sound really gooood.)


If you can, please send these to me at hitzny@gmail.com

-- JE


.::.(())::. Urban Hitz Radio™ USA .::.(())::. The People' Choice for Hip-Hop & R&B!

Listen to Urban Hitz Radio - GET A Local or TOLL-FREE Request Line NOW...Only $2 Monthly *Request Line: (855) 588-6767

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