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Looking to recatch the fever.

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I haven't had a station I have been actively involved with in a long time.Trying to catch the fever again.


That spark of passion that made me want to make a better station. That rush you feel when you only got one listener, but you realize that someone found your project (I use that term loosely) interesting or facinating (I didnt use the word fan, big difference)


Looking to get a couple of liners, just until I get my funds/ programming stable to get me running for a flagship station (sometimes you got to call it as you see it) I have put some funds up before for three VO's here, I'm legit. (If you can call a hobbyist that)The liners?


The Bassline trips and rolls, but the beat never stumbles or falls. The Beat transit"

"The music doesn't make the beat fun, the beat makes the music fun. The Beat Transit."

"Love Parade, E D C, Dance Valley, Tomorrow land, Transit with us. The Beat Transit"

"The after party? Were just peaking. Come party with us. The Beat transit."


Don't ask where I get these bad liners, its a curse. I more or less try to be original as possible. Like I said, a curse.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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